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Assessment Tool Development and Validation

Streamline and simplify

We are experts in assessment tool development. We offer contextualised assessment tools across a range of training packages. From whole qualifications to single units, we provide clients with a complete set of documents per assessment tool and integrate these assessment tools into your online learning system.

In addition, we offer complete assessment tool validation for all qualifications and units of competency on scope. We identify any gaps in the assessment tool and provide constructive feedback to improve the overall usability and effectiveness of the assessment tool.


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Our Services

Assessment Validation

Commercially produced assessment tools can be useful as a support resource for your organisation, but the material by itself does not demonstrate that your organisation has developed a learning and assessment program to meet the particular needs of your students, which is a requirement under ASQA’s current auditing scheme.

We specialise in customising and contextualising learning and assessment materials specific to your organisation's learning strategy and students.

We will ensure the formative and summative assessments map correctly to the elements, performance criteria and the critical aspects.

Assessment Tool Development

We have a team of assessment tool specialists who have the skills and knowledge to create complete and robust assessment tools for a range of qualifications.

We have developed assessment tools for the following training packages:

  • BSB Business Services

  • CHC Community Services

  • HLT Health

  • CPC Construction Plumbling and Services

  • UEE Electrotechnology

  • RII Resources and Infrastructure

  • TLI Trasport and Logistics

  • AVI Aviation

  • FNS Financial Services

  • CPP Property Services

  • SIT Tourism, Travel and Hospitality

  • TAE Training and Education

  • SHB Hairdressing and Beauty

  • and more...

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