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Audit Rectification and AAT Expert Witness

We know what works

We have signicant experience in audit close-outs and rectification for RTOs following an audit by ASQA. We understand what works.

Our Process

Step 1: Strategy

Once we receive the audit report from ASQA, our team will analyse the report and create a "Response Table". For each issue identified by auditor, we will provide a preliminary response with a listing of the evidence required to close off the issue.

Step 2: Compilation

Our team will work with you to compile the necessary evidence for submission. A lot of consultants and RTOs over document and never truly address the issue at hand. This often leads to further issues down the track. We understand what works and what does not.

Step 3: Submission

We provide our clients with a file ready for submission to ASQA. In some instances, not all the issues can be resolved with this submission, in which case we will continue to work with you to resolve it.

AAT Expert Witness

We provide expert witness services to our clients within the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. We have significant success in the AAT and push for resolution as quickly as possible. We work closely with your lawyer to develop and execute the necessary strategy for you to come to a satisfactory resolution.

Audit Rectification and AAT Expert Witness: Contact
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