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RTO Set-up

Get Your Business Started

We provide clients with on-going consultation and a full suite of documentation necessary to become a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Our team has extensive experience setting up RTOs and/or CRICOS/ELICOS providers and provide clients with a turn-key solution. We assist clients in every aspect of the application and provide on-going consultation to the owners and operational staff. We train our clients in every aspect of running a college.

We offer flexible payment options and partnership opportunities for selected clients.

Our Process

Stage 1- Consultation

We consult clients on every aspect of the initial registration process. We collaborate with the client to identify gaps in the market and pinpoint specific qualifications and units of competency to apply for.

Stage 2- Assembling Evidence

We develop and provide to the client all the documentation required for submission to ASQA and to effectively run their RTO. This includes:

  • Policy and Procedures

  • Forms

  • Handbooks

  • Training and Assessment Strategies

  • Course Brochures

  • Review of trainer files

  • Assessment tools (if required)

  • Completion of self-assessments

In addition, we coordinate with the client to assemble the following evidence needed for submission:

  • Lease

  • Occupation Certificate/Council Approval

  • Business Plan

  • Financial Viability Risk Assessment

  • Purchase of AVETMISS compliant student management system

  • Fit and Proper Person Declarations

  • CEO Declaration

Stage 3- Audit

Prior to the audit, our team will work with the client and all operational staff members to coach the client through the procedures and answer any question they have. Once an audit has been called, we will attend the ASQA audit with the client. If any rectification is required, we will assist the client in this process.

Initial RTO and/or CRICOS Set up: Contact
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