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Internal and Third Party Audits

We conduct comprehensive internal and third-party audits for our clients to identify the risks to the organisation. We provide clients with an objective insight into compliance levels of their organisation. 

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Our Process

Our team are experienced auditors with extensive knowledge of the complex compliance requirements necessary to operate a RTO.

Step 1- Planning

Once engaged, we will work with you determine your requirements. We will consult with you to determine the areas of your business you feel most at risk. We will determine the scope of audit and send you the audit plan prior to conducting the audit.

During this stage, you have the option to select a desk audit or on-site audit.


If a desk audit is chosen, we will provide you with a full listing of documents required to conduct the conduct. We will set up a Shared Drive for you to conveniently drop your documents into.

Step 2- Audit

The audit will take between 1-2 days and will follow the audit plan sent prior. Our experienced auditors will review each document and speak to relevant staff members to identify the non-compliances and non-conformances within your organisation.

Following the audit, a comprehensive audit report will be sent to you. The report will identify the issues and provide recommendations to fix them. We provide simple solutions to these issues.

Step 3- Consultation

We provide on-going consultation to help you fix the issues identified. 

Our compliance silver and gold packages include monthly audits following our developed Compliance Calender.

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